Student Mom

For the past eight months, I’ve had the opportunity to be a nontraditional student columnist for FastWeb, the Internet’s leading scholarship search service. Since August of 2006, I have published eighteen online resource articles with FastWeb detailing the challenges of juggling college and family life. My articles have received additional coverage on the following websites:, MSN Encarta, and MSN Money. Here are the links to the individual articles:

 A Dream Deferred? Aspirations and the Realities of Financing College

Classroom on Demand

Community Colleges: A Nurturing Environment for the Nontraditional Student

Homework: A Family Affair

Hope Revived: Finding a Way Back to the Classroom

Juggling 101

Let Them Eat Cake: A Recipe for Making Friends in the Classroom

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Reflections on Going Back to School

Mother Load: Surviving the Holidays and the End of the Semester Crunch

Older and Wiser: A Scholastic Advantage

Permission to Shine: Liberating Ourselves While Empowering Others

Summertime…and the Learning is Easy

The Courage to Fail

The People You Meet: Community and the Community College

This is Only a Test: Keeping College Exams in Perspective

Three Things I’ve Learned About College Professors

Why I Want an English Degree

Write On! Pursuing My College and Career Goals Simultaneously

I’d love to hear your feedback on any of these articles, especially if you’re a mom returning to school like me!


Here are three more articles I wrote at the beginning of this year (2008):


Accelerated Hybrid Classes: A Saner Option


Phi Theta Kappa: An Honor to Belong


Writers Studio Presents…Me?




2 Responses to “Student Mom”

  1. Shauna August 25, 2007 at 9:16 pm #

    My favorite article was “The Courage to Fail” for it is a reminder to me that it takes courage to try. You are an inspiration to me.

  2. brainymama August 26, 2007 at 5:28 am #

    Thanks, Shauna. As a follow-up to that story, I have been asked to do a reading at ACC in September. Last spring, I took a Creative Nonfiction class and worked on perfecting a particular essay which I submitted to Literary Mama. The piece was recently accepted for publication and my professor wants me to read it for a literary event at the college. So, things have come full circle in a short amount of time and makes me realize that as writers, we just have to keep at it!

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