Writer Mom

Here’s what’s going on in my writing life:

 On September 9th, 2007, my creative nonfiction piece “Wonder Mold Mother” was published on Literary Mama’s website!



3 Responses to “Writer Mom”

  1. Tara January 3, 2008 at 7:57 pm #

    Congratulations on your wonderful piece! I’ve recently (within the past year) started to take my own work seriously, and in my research for new venues stumbled across Literary Mama. I’ve been gobbling the Creative NonFiction peices like chocolate-covered cherries; I liked yours so much I came to your website. I am so inspired by your returning to school and pursuing a writing life (maybe not quite Annie Dillard style, but still…). I also have a large family (8 kids). I so appreciated the honesty in your writing; I forget it’s normal to feel lost sometimes, that it’s ok to do something for yourself once in awhile. Just wonderful work. I look forward to reading more stories and reflections. Thank you!

  2. brainymama January 3, 2008 at 9:04 pm #

    Tara, you have some wonderful pieces yourself. I’ve just been to your blog and I think you should definitely take a chance and submit some of your poems to Literary Mama. You are so prolific, too. When do you find time to write with 8 kids? I hope you keep writing and thanks for your words of encouragement.

  3. Tara January 4, 2008 at 1:59 pm #

    Thanks for actually looking at my blog, and for your kind words; cool! I’m “going through some stuff” right now, as they say, and I needed an outlet. My writing time is my “hiding” time; time to just not be wiping noses and doing dishes and wondering who put the peanut butter in the fish tank (and how ever did they get it to stick?). I’ll steal a little time here and there. I do still feel like it’s “stealing”- does that make sense? Do you ever feel like that? I’m going to read some of your back-to-school articles, too, for kind, reassuring, butt-kicking encouragement! Again, keep up the great work. I’ve got to go spike my son’s mohawk (an incentive to keep him from using inappropriate words…I know, but it seems to be working…). Take care!

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