Rules vs Fun

31 Aug

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

-Katherine Hepburn

I love this quote! My husband found it in a women’s clothing catalog that came in the mail last week and said I needed to paste it into my journal. It now resides just inside the front cover. It definitely belongs there.

Well, I’ve fallen behind a little bit on my goal to do a page in my journal each day. Not a huge surprise…”Life happens,” right?

Last week was a bit crazy with a two-day business trip to Arizona, celebrating my oldest son’s 19th birthday and preparing my first speech for my Public Speaking class.

Oh, well…Whatcha gonna do???

Start up again where I left off, right?

Here’s a couple of pages I did last week, though:

Technically, I didn’t hang this in a “public” community-type of place–I figured an open doodling invitation to myhusband and kids counted instead. They loved it, BTW!!!

Another page instructed me to color outside the lines. I took a 60s “free-love,” tye-dyed approach to it for some reason…and definitely had to use CRAYONS!

I also stapled a couple of pages together and poked holes in another page and discovered it’s a great way to work out my frustrations!

As an aside, I admit that I enjoyed a secret papier-mache sculpting session last week… just for fun. I happen to love any art that incorporates paper. There is something particularly enjoyable and soothing about the texture of slimy newspaper. (Although for some reason, the feeling of sticky bread dough in between my fingers makes my skin crawl–go figure!)

I’m too embarrassed to post a  picture of my modern art “sculpture” here, but suffice it to say that it resembles a headless, armless, legless and very pregnant Venus of Willendorf. Not sure where that image came from–deep in my psyche apparently. Art can be a bit scary at times, especially when we surprise ourselves by revealing something we didn’t know we wanted to reveal.

Papier-mache is  French for “chewed up paper”, BTW. I find that fact amusing considering my experience of chewing up a journal page and scraping off strips of sticky wallpaper backing last week. A connection me thinks…

All I know is that I feel happier even if I just take ten minutes each day to do something creative.

I think that using the typical excuse of “Life Happens” limits my creativity. It is a weak attempt to get myself off the hook. But I don’t want to make excuses for myself anymore! Creativity is a reward, a form of self-love. I’m going to try to use the phrase “Creativity Happens” more often and see what happens.

I feel some zany and bizarre outbursts coming on…:-)


One Response to “Rules vs Fun”

  1. sassyquilter September 1, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

    I think it should be a rule that you post EVERYTHING you do in the journal … not just the things you think are attractive. There is one page in the journal that commands you to draw ugly things in an ugly way. So … you need to post a pic of your sculpture. Paint it with acrylics if you need to, but it’s cheating if you don’t share everything, in my opinion!

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