Back in the Blogging Saddle Again?

17 Aug


Well, I’ve been missing in action from the blogging world for the past eight months and I thought it was about time to make a reappearance even though I am probably only writing this for an audience of one–myself. Any readers I may have accumulated last year are doubtless long gone by now, tired of waiting for this reluctant writer to post something…anything…

Why this sudden interest again in my blog? Julie and Julia. It’s one of those movies that was meant for me to see at this time in my life. It’s a lovely story about a woman named Julie, who in the quest to find something fulfilling to do with her life decides to take on every recipe in Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking for a year and blog about it. There were countless things in the movie that resonated with me, but suffice it to say, Julie’s need to have a worthy goal and to express herself are two things that I also desperately need in my life right now.

I’m not sure what goal I want to tackle yet. Like Julie in the movie, I’m really good at starting things and not very good at finishing them. I am certainly not at all interested in deboning a duck, cooking a lobster or making boeuf bourguignon, though. I love eating, but hate cooking and all the attendent time-consuming and labor-intensive  things that go along with it. So taking on Julia Child’s cookbook is definitely out for me. Perhaps I can tackle the recipes in the past 10+ years of my cooking magazine subscriptions to Taste of Home, Quick Cooking and Simple & Delicious and try putting something interesting on the table instead of the same old boring fare…


I need to do something I feel passionate about, not put what little spare time I have into something that I basically detest. Hmmm…what will it be? There are so very many possibilities :-)!


3 Responses to “Back in the Blogging Saddle Again?”

  1. Rick August 17, 2009 at 4:23 pm #

    the RSS Reader means it doesn’t matter how long of a break you take 🙂 and I expect many people are the same way.

    oh yeah……FIRST!

  2. Mom August 21, 2009 at 3:49 am #

    Tracey said that you were back to blogging. Dad and I will anxiously wait for each new addition. We missed your entries!

  3. Stacey October 9, 2009 at 8:49 am #

    Hi Lisa, I just read your short entry in the “mother in me’ and was flipping through info about the others. I saw your blog and then I saw you lived only a few miles from me! How crazy. I loved this story about finding yourself again and putting the pieces back together. Infact, I blogged about it last night and then this morning found you! I’ve never even heard of the wreck your journal. How fun! I decided to read your past blogs and well, I guess the Julie and Julia movie affected us both. After the movie, I made a goal to blog everyday for two months. Well, I made it for the month of September and then decided I just needed to do something I enjoyed every day…if not blogging. How fun that you felt the same way about doing something to express yourself. ! Look forward to more of your posts and inspiration! Thanks!

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