Blog Block

23 Jul

I had a good talk with my creativity therapist (a.k.a. my youngest sister) this morning who encouraged me to start blogging again. (Funny to hear that particular advice coming from her since I’m the one that got her hooked on blogging in the first place!)  🙂 With a gentle nudge, she reminded me that the longer I stay away from blogging, the harder it will be to get back into it. I agreed with her and then went on to delineate some of my writing hangups which are as follows:

1. I am a perfectionist. I operate under the belief that in order for me to post anything on my blog, it must be a coherent, meaningful, polished essay. Anything less than that must wait (perhaps indefinitely) in the draft stage until it is worthy to show its brilliant, literary face.

2. I am a “slow-cooker” writer which means that I need ideas to simmer for awhile. I need a lot of time to process my thoughts before I feel they are ready to share with a public audience. This aggravating personality trait is particularly problematice since as a SAHM, I do not have large blocks of time for either solitude of meditation. Hence, my lack of prolificacy.

3. While many bloggers are quite content to be spontaneous, impulsive, and informal, I have this crazy notion that I should be the one to take blogging to a higher level–one that extends beyond the simple, random, and inane ramblings of the masses. As an idealist, I dream of being able to offer my loyal audience a thoughtful composition with some degree of edification whenever I post.

Yeah…whatever. I’m just a crazy INFP personality type that needs to chill out a bit. *Sigh*

“Think of blogging as a conversation, such as the one you’re having with me right now,” my sister said.

Okay, Beeb. I’m going to try to loosen up a bit just for you. And you’ll be proud to know I only spent an hour writing this! Ha!


3 Responses to “Blog Block”

  1. Tracey July 24, 2008 at 7:46 am #

    Yay! I know this was hard for you to do, but I am glad you did it! You have a lot of wisdom and insight to share with others, and you shouldn’t be keeping it hidden away. I’m going to keep pushing you 🙂

  2. sassyquilter July 24, 2008 at 8:59 am #

    Way to go, sis! I, too, have blogging block at the moment. I have at least 5 post ideas, but also feel I need a really cool pic to go with everything. How silly. Let’s just be ourselves.

  3. Holly December 11, 2008 at 2:34 pm #

    Happened upon this blog and really enjoy it so far. First of all, a blog that took you an hour to write deserves more than just two comments! I realized I don’t write for anyone really than myself. Whether the blog ends up funny, informative, an angry rant or a useless waste of space, I got something off my mind and when there are thousands of things curled up in that brain, getting something out of there is worth the ‘What was I thinking when I wrote that?!’ face.

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