Family Fun on the 4th

6 Jul


This 4th of July, the Hardman family did our usual thing and spent the afternoon at Evergreen lake enjoying the festivities. Of course, Grandpa Woody was ready to shuttle all of us to the north side of the lake in his green Model A. (The kids can’t do without their yearly ride in the rumble seat!) Unfortunately, the Model A had a break down on its third run, but Grandpa got it up and running again! Hurrah!


 The 4th just wouldn’t be complete without a half hour of paddling around on the lake. (Understandably, Grandma Ruth was not interested in joining us due to an accident she had stepping into a paddle boat several years ago. She was more than happy to stay with Sam on the shore, though.)

The kids got their faces painted…


And we had the pleasure of my 17-year-old son’s company for the entire day. He actually seemed to enjoy being with us and even liked what he called the “bumpin'” music (Sousa marches and John Williams movie tunes played by the National Repertory Orchestra.)

Sam didn’t need much to keep him happy, though he got a little blister on his ankle from walking around in his crocs.

Later in the day, we drove back down to Highlands Ranch for a BBQ at our house and just before dusk, we got ourselves settled in the hot tub just in time to watch the lame firework show put on by the Highlands Ranch Metro District.

All in all, it was a very good day. No sunburns, few bug bites, and no accidents!

Here are some more memorable 4ths (and nearly all of them involve a mishap of some sort):

1. The year my cousin chased me with a sparkler and threatened to catch my long hair on fire.

2. The year her older brother jumped a neighbor’s fence and landed in a cactus garden. Ouch!

3. The year my mother-in-law slipped stepping into a paddle boat and cracked a rib. Big bummer! (The pain from that injury unfortunately persisted for quite awhile.)

4. The year my oldest daughter slipped off the back of our hot tub and hit her tail bone on the concrete pad beneath it. (Luckily, she was okay!)

5. The year my husband and I attended the Stadium of Fire in Provo, Utah and the ignition of 1 million firecrackers just about turned it into a literal stadium of fire. I can still feel the heat from that one and we were on the top bleachers!

6. The year we watched fireworks over Puget Sound in Washington and a boat got caught on a power line.

My Favorite 4th:

Watching fireworks at Adams County Fairgrounds as a kid then on the drive home watching the fantastic lightening storms out on the Eastern Colorado plains.


One Response to “Family Fun on the 4th”

  1. sassyquilter July 9, 2008 at 2:37 pm #

    How funny … we spent the 3rd of July at Evergreen Lake (I have an aversion to crowds). Nothin’ really going on that day but the kids had fun petting other people’s dogs and feeding french fries to the ducks. Glad there were no mishaps this year 🙂

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