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The Little Quilter That Could

21 Mar

Okay…It’s time to get going again, now that I’m back from my blogging haitus. I’ve been a bit distracted lately, but I think I’m ready to refocus. I found a new blogging partner to keep me motivated–my youngest sister. We’ve challenged each other to write at least 3 posts a week and we’ve promised to check up on each other. So here goes, Beeb.

I’m also going to try to not be so uptight about my posts. Hopefully, I can learn to be a little less perfectionistic when it comes to presentation and a little more down to earth when it comes to content. (Yea, right…Good luck with that! My husband just pointed out that I’ve spent all afternoon just trying to figure out how to post the two pictures below. AARRRRGGGGHH!)

Since I’ve been away from my blog, I’ve been working on several quilt tops. My other sister, a professional long-arm quilter, just finished quilting the first of six quilts I am planning to make this year. I have the goal of completing one for each child and one for my husband.

This quilt is a fence rail pattern that I started over two years ago before my youngest son was born. It started out as a crib quilt, but had to be taken apart and expanded into a twin-size quilt since my youngest son is now 2 and has moved into a big boy bunkbed with his 5-year-old brother. It’s taken a very long time to complete (a lot of stopping and starting), but as you can see, it looks fabulous! My 5-year-old is begging me to get his quilt done next, so I better get to work while I’m still feeling motivated. 


Here’s Sammie posing by his bunkbed. See how nice the quilt goes with the oak bed frame?


Yesterday, I completed a butterfly quilt top for my 9-year-old daughter and handed it over to my sister to work her creative genius on.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…